Allison's Barefoot Story

I began promoting Barefoot Books in 2005 because I wanted to share an undiscovered treasure with others. I believe strongly that there are few things more important than sharing the joy of reading with a child. Children who grow up with a love of books and storytelling are more engaged in the world, do better in school, and forge stronger bonds with the people around them.

My two children are my test audience for all Barefoot Books. I find that you cannot truly evaluate a children's book without reading it aloud. I love that so much though goes into each title. The artwork and writing are outstanding.

I also own the company Diehl Research, LLC, and have been a professional archaeologist for 20 years. My background also includes museum work. Barefoot Books dovetails perfectly with my interest in other cultures.

I am the founder of Barefoot Business Builders, a group of Barefoot Books Ambassadors from all over North America. Everyone in this group is part of my downline. I offer help on an as-needed basis, and consider it a privilege to work for them.