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This season, our Q4 2020 Challenge invites you to explore new possibilities with your business while you spread the joy of reading. Achieve any of the 4 non-cumulative levels to get beautiful Barefoot books and gifts, including our new subscription box The Barefoot Book Box, to add to your display or to give as presents to the children in your life.


Whether you’d like to travel to the world’s great monuments with your own copy of Barefoot Books Amazing Places (hardcover), enjoy Allison Jay’s breathtaking art in The Tiny Baker (hardcover), or explore the vibrant rainbow of delights in a southern Indian street market with A Gift for Amma (paperback), you’ll get these colorful fall titles when you reach $500 in PQV this quarter.

Reach $1,000 in PQV this quarter to receive these 6 beautiful new Spring 2021 titles valued at $84 USD / $115 CAD:

  • Yoga Tots: Calm Bunny (board book)
  • I Like the Sun (hardcover)
  • Kids Garden (activity deck)
  • To Carnival (hardcover)
  • Jet the Cat (hardcover)
  • Family Reunion (hardcover)


Reach $1,500 in PQV to get a 6-month subscription (value of $175 USD / $230 CAD) of our new Barefoot Book Box of the age-range of your choice! The new Barefoot Book Box includes beautiful titles and it’s designed to help raise caring, open-minded, global citizens who can think critically and creatively. When you open a Barefoot Book Box, you #OpenTheirWorld.

Achieve at least $1,500 in PQV and reach one of the top 10 spots on the leaderboard to receive a 12-month subscription (value of $336 USD / $440 CAD) of our new Barefoot Book Box! Whether you select our Ages 0-2 box, our Ages 3-5 box, or our Ages 6-8 box, you’ll get:

  • A beautiful collection of 2-3 Barefoot books
  • A gorgeous, one-of-a-kind collectible artist print
  • Expert tips about literacy development and reading with your child


Final leaderboard posted on January 11, 2021, at 11:00 am EDT.  

Mischa Brooks-Thoma $5351.87 Top Achiever
Kathleen von Raesfeld $3823.85 Top Achiever
Mary Breakspear $3780.07 Top Achiever
Jennifer Butler-Brown $3175.79 Top Achiever
Jamaica Stevens $2988.41 Top Achiever
Eve Panzer $2923.60 Top Achiever
Stephanie Liu $2894.96 Top Achiever
Sara Zuccato $2834.67 Top Achiever
Kayla Crowningshield $2667.12 Top Achiever
Anne Uebbing $2562.38 Top Achiever
Gina Esguerra $2216.12 Level 3
Adina Sage $1714.28 Level 3
Shannon Coulombe $1680.47 Level 3
Carrie Cavanaugh $1066.15 Level 2
Marsha Miles $1033.36 Level 2
Jane Hill $687.21 Level 1
Emily Tobin $653.53 Level 1
Kim McGuire $586.92 Level 1
Melissa Rogers $573.43 Level 1
Ruby Florendo $550.38 Level 1
Jennifer Osgood $528.98 Level 1
Becca Agli $522.11 Level 1
Caron Gregg $522.03 Level 1
Monica Buck $500.66 Level 1
Jean Singam $2528.18 Level 3
Alicia Mady $2403.67 Level 3
Veronika Riches $2253.84 Level 3
Jessi Mays $2143.24 Level 3
Natasha Tsevende $2059.40 Level 3
Vanessa Knapic Baird $2004.82 Level 3
Kim Lalonde $1793.90 Level 3
Shannon Reuter $1622.69 Level 3
Shirin Shamsi $1612.97 Level 3
Lisa Pozin $1607.54 Level 3
Jennifer Francois $1552.45 Level 3
Allison Diehl $1551.23 Level 3
Jen Mills $1532.21 Level 3
Sherry Kenney $1349.78 Level 2
Janet Latting Caballero $1210.84 Level 2
Brittany Mackey $1205.54 Level 2
Kim Soderberg McRae $1152.62 Level 2
Ileana Reyes $1139.11 Level 2
Rebecca Blankinship $1128.45 Level 2
Elizabeth Starr Lilly $1101.28 Level 2
Melissa East $1063.24 Level 2
Christina Foster $1038.87 Level 2
Sonia D'Alimonte $1038.27 Level 2
Denise Sargent $1034.07 Level 2
Samantha Celeste $1012.84 Level 2
Lindsay Neeves $983.20 Level 1
Sandy Leung $974.25 Level 1
Morgan Shepherd $949.45 Level 1
Laurie Wilson Forbes $931.01 Level 1
Katie Campos $919.51 Level 1
Laura Young $862.52 Level 1
Julie Yeros $852.68 Level 1
Melissa Newman $833.79 Level 1
Cindy Stoecker $832.47 Level 1
Tammy Hayashi $828.45 Level 1
Melissa Robinson $825.39 Level 1
Melissa Agnew $819.47 Level 1
Sabrina Mendoza $811.48 Level 1
Jaelyse Hanna $796.05 Level 1
Rebekah Gienapp $770.27 Level 1
Maria Varga $761.26 Level 1
Vicki Shoguchi $755.46 Level 1
Emily Marlar $733.92 Level 1
Karin Broadhurst $706.21 Level 1
Alana S $704.42 Level 1
Gina Nino de Nightingale $703.67 Level 1
Melissa Wolff $702.99 Level 1
Audreanna Wiggins Jordan $689.31 Level 1
Susan Senese $683.42 Level 1
Kelly Foxton $670.61 Level 1
Kendel Lavallee $670.59 Level 1
Heidi Payne $656.50 Level 1
Rhonda Fouke $650.54 Level 1
Melissa Shungu $640.30 Level 1
Lisa Schmid $625.89 Level 1
Janine Chown $625.61 Level 1
Amber Blascovich $593.19 Level 1
Sarah Love $592.60 Level 1
Melissa Ortiz $571.75 Level 1
Lizanne Eastwood $535.14 Level 1
Linda Ford $525.58 Level 1
Lorna Winnicky $523.74 Level 1
Patti Butas $522.62 Level 1
Jess Linke $518.64 Level 1
Rebecca Eby $507.43 Level 1
Shari Huffman $507.33 Level 1
Robin Rostron $504.63 Level 1



Who is eligible for the Challenge?

The Challenge is open to all Community Booksellers who are currently enrolled in the program in North America.

When does the Challenge officially start and end?

The Challenge begins at 12:00am EDT on October 1, 2020, and ends at 11:59pm EDT on December 31, 2020.

How do I earn prizes?

The Q4 2020 Challenge: Spread the Joy of Reading has four prize levels.

Level 1: Reach $500 in PQV this quarter to receive a set of three Autumn 2020 new releases: Amazing Places (HC), The Tiny Baker (HC), A Gift for Amma (PB) (value $46 USD).

Level 2: Reach $1,000 in PQV and receive a set of six Spring 2021 new releases: Yoga Tots Calm Bunny (BB), I Like the Sun (HB), Kids' Garden (Deck), To Carnival! (HC), Jet the Cat (HC), Family Reunion (HC) (value $84 USD).

Level 3: Reach $1,500 in PQV and receive a 6-month subscription to the new Barefoot Book Subscription Box service (value $175 USD).

Top Achievers: Reach $1,500 in PQV and be among the Top 10 in Q4 sales to receive a 12-month subscription to the new Barefoot Book Subscription Box service (value $336 USD).

Achievers will receive one (1) prize corresponding to the highest level achieved. Prizes are not cumulative or transferrable.

Community Booksellers must achieve the required personal sales PQV threshold through Personal, Event or Referral Sales.

Where can I see my progress towards achieving the challenge?

A landing page showing all Community Booksellers in the running — as well as the PQV they’ve earned — will be updated weekly and winners will be announced in the Facebook Group. The final list of achievers will be posted on the landing page the week of January 11, 2021, and winners will be notified via email.

When will I receive my prize?

The final Leaderboard will be shared during the week of January 11, 2021. All achievers will receive a notification via email with instructions on how to redeem their prizes. All prizes will be dispatched by June 30, 2021*. Please note, in the event of an unforeseen circumstance, Barefoot Books reserves the right to substitute prizes if required. Acceptance of these prizes authorizes Barefoot Books to use winners’ names, images, etc. in future marketing materials. Fulfillment will happen as follows:

  • Levels 1 and 2 will be redeemed using a code that can be applied to the Community Bookseller’s next purchase.
    • Level 1: Redemption code will be available starting January 1 through March 31, 2021
    • Level 2: Redemption code will be sent once all books are available and valid through May 31, 2021.
  • Subscription Box prizes (Level 3 and Top Achievers). Achievers will be able to select the age range of the subscription box before it ships. All monthly boxes in the prize subscription will be for the age range chosen to their default shipping address. No mid-subscription changes are possible. Redemption details to come.

*Prize redemption date subject to change based on availability.