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You’re on a mission to impact the kids in your community and beyond — and so are we!

At Barefoot Books, we’re passionate about igniting the love of reading by creating and sharing our beautiful books. While the world bursts with ways for passionate, entrepreneurial people like you to make a difference, there’s no opportunity quite like joining the Barefoot family — and no time to get started quite like today! We're offering our Starter Kits for 50% off, our deepest discount ever, to empower people just like you to start 2017 off right.

Here are 5 more reasons to choose Barefoot Books:

Numbers_1.png You’d join a mission-driven family: For nearly 25 years, we’ve worked toward the same mission to share stories, connect families and inspire children around the world, putting over 20 million books in kids’ hands!
Numbers_2.png You’d join an empowered family: Our independent Barefoot Ambassadors run flexible, home-based businesses that truly make an impact, both on their family finances and on their communities. We care deeply about giving each of our Ambassadors the tools and support they need to succeed: prompt, no-nonsense shippingeven during the holidays; expert training from our business and early child development specialists; and more!
Numbers_3.png You’d join a motivated family: Our Ambassadors earn 30% commission on everything they sell. Get in at ground level now, and all you have to do to climb to the top of our compensation plan is to follow our super-simple, expert-developed 6 Months to Success plan. Plus, we have no monthly minimums and no rules about running multiple home-based businesses, so you’re truly free to run your Ambassador business as you choose!
Numbers_4.png You’d join a family that cares about kids’ minds and hearts: Our books are designed to not just develop kids’ reading ability, but also their social emotional skills! We carefully craft our books to nurture the empathy, compassion and curiosity that will empower kids to succeed throughout their personal and professional lives. Plus, we keep our production quality above industry standard, using only sustainable methods and materials. You can recommend any of our books with complete confidence!

You’d join real family: Made up of parents, grandparents, educators and caregivers just like you, the Barefoot family stretches across the US and Canada, yet remains supportive and tight-knit. We gather each year at the Barefoot Conference to deepen our friendships by laughing and dancing, learning and growing together.

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Barefoot Books | Barefoot Books

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