Barefoot Books Children of the World

This is a book like none other. Meet kids who are not often depicted in children's books: kids who wear an eye patch or have Down Syndrome; who are Buddhist, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Jewish or not religious at all; who have biological, adopted, gay, lesbian, single, step- and foster-parents; who communicate in sign language; or have a parent in the military.
Ages 3 – 10. 
10 x 11.75 IN 




My Big Barefoot Book of Wonderful Words

Available in English | Spanish | French  

With its urban setting and diverse cast of characters, Wonderful Words is carefully crafted to break down stereotypes by reflecting our modern world. Caregivers and children can point out mosques and temples, children of wide-ranging abilities and backgrounds, gay and lesbian couples, women construction workers and more.
Ages 2-11. HARDCOVER. 
48 pp 11.75 x 10 IN
$19.99 USD


The Boy Who Grew Flowers

"[W]hat makes us different is what makes us wonderful." —Author Jen Wojtowicz

Inspired by her brother's experience of life on the autism spectrum, Jen Wojtowicz tells the story of a growing friendship between a young boy with an unusual talent and a girl with limb length discrepancy. 
Ages 4-10. PAPERBACK.
32 pp  8.5 x 11 IN
$8.99 USD


The Animal Boogie

Our bestselling singalong ever, The Animal Boogie provides a model for including children of various backgrounds and abilities in a fun, lively activity! Both the illustrations and the creative movements prompted by the song are designed to be safe and fun for all children. 
32 pp  10.25 x 10 IN
$9.99 USD


The Girl with a Brave Heart

Written by Israeli pop star Rita Jahanforuz, this tale from her native Tehran shows the power of empathy breaking down walls between two lonely people: a young girl who lives with her stepfamily and an isolated elderly woman who has trouble caring for herself and her home. 
Ages 4-10. PAPERBACK.
40 pp 8.5 x 10.75 IN.
$8.99 USD


Sand Sister

With artwork by Caldecott Honor- and Pura Belpre-winning illustrator Yuyi Morales, Sand Sister encourages kids to empathize with those they see playing alone while celebrating the unique experience of only children.
Ages 3-7. PAPERBACK.
32 pp 9.75 x 10 IN 
$8.99 USD


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