Meet our partner: Eco-Libris.

As a book publisher focused on the environment, we are always looking for new ways to help preserve our planet’s resources. We were delighted to find Eco-Libris – a company who helps publishers and book buyers to be green!  

Eco-Libris is a green business that enables people to do something reasonable, affordable yet with an impact: plant one tree for every book they read. By working with individuals and publishers to plant trees in developing countries, Eco-Libris makes sure that each tree is planted where it provides significant value for both the environment and the local communities.

We worked with Eco-Libris on our book Earth Tales to plant a tree for every copy of Earth Tales we sold when we first published this book back in 2009. We continue to promote their program through our Ambassador Community and want to spread the word about their great work as much as we can.

Find out how you can make a direct impact on the environment by planting a tree for every book you read by visiting