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Are you ready to connect with your Barefoot family and energize your business? This season, we are challenging you to take steps to immerse yourself in our Barefoot world while you help open children’s hearts, minds and worlds. Our new Winter Challenge runs for a full four months to reward you for making an impact with your business throughout the holiday season and into the start of the new year.

Join us June 16 - 19 for the 2022 Barefoot Books Community Bookseller Retreat in Concord, Massachusetts! We miss you! Each step in the Winter challenge is designed to bring you further into the beautiful world of Barefoot Books. Next summer, we hope you will step through the doors of the Barefoot Books offices!

Wrap Yourself in Barefoot Colors

Reach $600 PQV during the Winter Challenge and earn an exclusive branded t-shirt in your choice of colors and sizes.

Adorn Your Walls with Gorgeous Barefoot Artwork

Reach $1200 in PQV and receive the Step 1 prize and a beautiful Barefoot canvas print. Choose your design from a handpicked selection of illustrations that celebrate new horizons, fresh starts, and coming together with family and friends.

Join Us at the Long-Awaited Barefoot Retreat in June 2022

Reach $2000 PQV during the Winter Challenge and receive the Step 1 and 2 prizes and free registration to the Barefoot Retreat June 16-19, 2022 in Concord, Massachusetts, plus receive $200 toward your travel expenses. Visit our new Barefoot home and see where the magic happens! This weekend will be jam-packed with learning experiences and opportunities to connect and have fun! We will cap off the festivities with an evening barbeque at the home of CEO Nancy Traversy in Concord.

Be Part of the VIP Experience at the Barefoot Retreat

Reach $3000 PQV during the Winter Challenge and receive the Step 1, 2 and 3 prizes. Plus, you’ll be invited to a unique behind-the-scenes experience during the Barefoot Retreat in June 2022. Sit in on an editorial meeting, have lunch with Barefoot artists and authors, and collaborate with the Barefoot team on upcoming initiatives. (Value = Priceless!)


Leaderboard last updated on Monday, November 22, 2021

Jamaica Stevens $7474.23 Step 4
Kathleen von Raesfeld $6859.09 Step 4
Marsha Miles $5096.43 Step 4
Melanie Van Vliet $4690.28 Step 4
Melissa Wolff $3413.26 Step 4
Liz Hughes $3347.27 Step 4
Alicia Mady $3101.27 Step 4
Jennifer Butler-Brown $3046.64 Step 4
Jessi Mays $2344.09 Step 3
Karen Taylor $2127.20 Step 3
Sariah Sapingi $2111.61 Step 3
Sherry Kenney $1977.61 Step 2
Jennifer Francois $1969.65 Step 2
Jen Mills $1795.90 Step 2
Katie Campos $1754.77 Step 2
Carrie Cavanaugh $1736.95 Step 2
Shannon Coulombe $1667.00 Step 2
Ileana Reyes $1521.03 Step 2
Melissa East $1458.51 Step 2
Morgan Shepherd $1392.01 Step 2
Cindy Stoecker $1386.81 Step 2
Kristin Stephenson $1351.97 Step 2
Vanessa Knapic Baird $1285.04 Step 2
Gina Esguerra $1262.66 Step 2
Janine Chown $1240.62 Step 2
Ambur Gorman $1154.79 Step 1
Kylie Railton $1138.61 Step 1
Eve Panzer $1066.53 Step 1
Sara Zuccato $1020.88 Step 1
Janet Latting Caballero $968.06 Step 1
Preeti Solanki Carollo $937.09 Step 1
Dena Davis $923.71 Step 1
Jane Hill $917.57 Step 1
Memarie Christoforo $877.04 Step 1
Brittany Mackey $871.58 Step 1
Julie Yeros $835.51 Step 1
Melissa Robinson $813.18 Step 1
Lorna Winnicky $803.55 Step 1
Jean Singam $788.17 Step 1
Jodie Delgado $787.68 Step 1
Sarah Laucks $773.83 Step 1
Patti Butas $741.36 Step 1
Adina Sage $705.40 Step 1
Natasha Tsevende $705.16 Step 1
Angela Aernouts $673.82 Step 1
Anne Uebbing $669.68 Step 1
Ruby Florendo $628.60 Step 1
sarah voss $627.54 Step 1
Caron Gregg $626.50 Step 1



Who is eligible for the Challenge?

The Challenge is open to all Community Booksellers who are currently enrolled in the program in North America.

When does the Challenge officially start and end?

The Challenge begins at 12:00am EDT on October 1, 2021, and ends at 11:59pm EST on January 31, 2022.

How do I earn prizes?

Community Booksellers must achieve the required personal sales PQV threshold through Personal, Event and/or Referral Sales. The annual registration fee does not count toward the Winter Challenge.

Where can I see my progress towards achieving the challenge?

This landing page showing all Community Booksellers in the running — as well as the PQV they’ve earned — will be updated weekly and winners will be announced in the Facebook Group. The final list of achievers will be posted on the landing page the week of February 14, 2022, and winners will be notified via email.

What if I cannot attend the Barefoot Retreat?

Step 3 winners who do not attend the Barefoot Retreat will be given the option to receive an alternate prize of $100 in Barefoot Bucks (redeemable for $200 in Barefoot Books products when applied to a personal order). Barefoot Bucks must be redeemed within 180 days of the date they are earned. Barefoot Bucks are non-transferrable.

There is no substitution for the Barefoot Behind-the-Scenes experience (Step 4). This prize is non-transferrable.

When will I receive my prize?

All achievers will receive a notification via email with instructions on how to redeem their prizes. All prizes will be dispatched by June 19, 2022*. Please note, in the event of an unforeseen circumstance, Barefoot Books reserves the right to substitute prizes if required. Acceptance of these prizes authorizes Barefoot Books to use winners’ names, images, etc. in future marketing materials.

Fulfillment will happen as follows:

    • All achievers will be sent an email by February 28, 2022 with a link to claim their prize, choose prize options (Steps 1 and 2), and provide a mailing address (Steps 1 and 2).
    • Step 3 and 4 achievers will be asked to confirm Retreat attendance by June 1, 2022. Those who are unable to attend the Retreat event may request an alternate prize of $100 Barefoot Bucks, which will be added to their accounts by June 30, 2022.

*Prize redemption date subject to change based on availability. All Winter Challenge prizes are non-transferrable.