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Bilingual Bear Set

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ISBN: 7000004334



Lay the foundations for strong reading skills in not 1, not 2, but 3 languages with beloved Bear! The 12 books in this set are designed to build English, Spanish and French vocabulary, while introducing early concepts like shapes, colors, weather and seasons, professions, transportation and more! These rhyming stories feature English text on one side and Spanish or French on the other. They're great for native speakers of either language! Each book features a vocabulary list to reinforce language learning.

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Includes bilingual Spanish paperback editions of:
1 x Bear about Town / Oso en la ciudad
1 x Bear at Home / Oso en casa
1 x Bear at Work / Oso en el trabajo
1 x Bear in a Square / Oso en un cuadrado
1 x Bear in Sunshine / Oso bajo el sol
1 x Bear on a Bike / Oso en bicicleta
1 x Bear Takes a Trip / Oso se va de viaje
1 x Bear's Busy Family / La familia ocupada de Oso

Includes bilingual French paperback editions of:
1 x Bear about Town / Ours en ville
1 x Bear in a Square / Ours dans un carré
1 x Bear in Sunshine / Ours au soleil
1 x Bear on a Bike / Ours à vélo

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  • Age Range: Ages 2-6 years

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