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Carol Anne Friesen, Community Bookseller

Carol Anne Friesen
Community Bookseller
Palmyra , Pennsylvania
Carol Anne's Barefoot Story
As long as I can remember I have loved children! I was thrilled to have my own two, a daughter and a son and I was fascinated at how they could learn, grow and devlop. Lucky for me I was able to be the founder of the first preschool they attended. They are now grown and have children of their own but I have spent my life as an Early Childhood Educator and loved every minute of it. Since I have moved a lot (my husband is a minister) and I have had to leave behind the two Children's Centers that I founded, I have looked for other programs that are easy to take with me wherever I go, whether I have a "center" or not. As an Early Childhood Music Educator (for 15 years) and Baby Signs Instructor, books have been an important part of my programs, so when I found out about Barefoot Books I was thrilled. These are quality books, that are well written, beautifully illustrated and a wonderful compliment to the other programs I offer. Best of all I can offer them to other parents and grandparents to enjoy with the "little ones" in their lives! If you would like to sell them too, consider joining my team - you can live Barefoot, too!
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