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Veronika Riches, Community Bookseller

Veronika Riches
Community Bookseller
Community Bookseller Since 07-10-2009
Port Moody, British Columbia
Veronika's Barefoot Story

I first became involved with Barefoot Books because of my daughters' love of books and my desire to share these books with others. I love that Barefoot Books offer what I think is essential in life - enthusiasm for reading, creativity and discovery. 

I have gained a wealth of experience in working year around at events of all kinds from small home parties and community fairs to large scale education conferences and marketing shows. 

Being a Barefoot Books Ambassador is very rewarding. The support to build your business is always there - from the moment you sign up to whatever level you want to take it to. I offer help and support to a team of ambassadors in building a business in a way that suits personal circumstances, skills and abilities. I offer mentorship in the form of personal meetings, phonecalls as well as a Facebook group, The Barefoot Journey. It a fabulous place to share business and accounting tips, resources, event information, bounce ideas and generally support each other's Barefoot Books business goals. 

Come join us! ~ Veronika

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