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Casey Swiger, Community Bookseller

Casey Swiger
Community Bookseller
Community Bookseller Since 09-11-2020
Morgantown, West Virginia
Casey's Barefoot Story

Hi! Thank yo so much for stopping by and exploring the wonderful world that is Barefoot Books. My name is Casey, and I’m a Barefoot Community Bookseller. I discovered Barefoot Books while looking for holiday gifts for family and friends, and fell in love with the company as a whole. Diversity and sustainability are both very important to me, and this company is very inclusive of both.

 Barefoot Books’ mission is: Share Stories. Connect Families. Inspire Children. The company truly lives up to its mission. Over the past two decades, we have built an amazing catalogue of over 600 award-winning books, songs, animations, puzzles and games that nurture creativity and compassion, inspire imagination, and promote cultural awareness. I feel so lucky to be part of an expanding network of women who have been empowered by this entrepreneurial opportunity and to be able to share these books with you.

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