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Brianda Saenz, Community Bookseller

Brianda Saenz
Community Bookseller
Community Bookseller Since 08-04-2020
Brianda's Barefoot Story


My name is Brianda Saenz. I became a Barefoot Community Bookseller because I am passionate about sharing stories with children. I love Children Books and have shared many stories not only with my own children but also my students. It's amazing how much a book can contibute to the learning of a child. A book is the most valuable possesion you can gift a child, books will expand their knowledge and allow them to travel while staying home. 

Give the gift of knowledge 



Mi nombre es Brianda Saenz. Yo decidi unirme a la communidad de libros Barefoot porque amo compartir bellas historias con niños. Leer libros es una forma hermosa de demonstrarle amor y tiempo a tus hijos. Ser Maestra de niños me enseño el valor de un libro, un libro es enseñar, imaginacion y amor en las manos de los niños. 

Regalemos enseñanza a nuestros hijos. 

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