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Kids' Kitchen

40 Fun and Healthy Recipes to Make and Share

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ISBN: 9781782851950

Written by Fiona Bird
Illustrated by Roberta Arenson

Encourage budding chefs to create tasty meals with 40 laminated recipe cards that feature nutritious vegetarian dishes from around the world. Unique recipes are divided into five color-coded categories to reflect the major food groups. Simple step-by-step instructions put kids in control as they learn that cooking is more than an art — it's a science! Includes 8-page booklet with information on nutrition, kitchen safety and terminology. This edition has been updated with even tastier recipes.

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  • Product Dimensions: Box: 218 x 167 x 40 inches; Cards: 202 x 160mm
  • Page Count: 40 cards + 8-page booklet
  • Age Range: Ages 8 years and up

Awards & Accolades

Parents' Choice Gold Award Winner

About the Contributors

Written by - Fiona Bird
Author Fiona Bird is a Masterchef and the founder of Stirrin' Stuff (www.stirrinstuff.org), a charity dedicated to teaching cooking skills and an understanding of nutrition to primary school children.
Illustrated by - Roberta Arenson
Roberta Arenson has a BA in Fine Arts from the University of California. Using basic elements such as painted papers, oil pastels and watercolors, Roberta employs an array of colors, shapes and patterns to create her rich collages. She currently resides in Arizona, USA.

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