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Kind Kids Gift Set for Ages 4-9

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Gift Set
ISBN: 7000005124



Cultivate kindness with tales of relatable role models! The charming books in this set feature an unusual cat who humorously arrives at self-acceptance; a girl who befriends a lonely elderly woman; an ancient Inka messenger who risks his job to help animals in need; a socially outcast boy who finds a special friend; and a girl who thoughtfully searches an Indian market for a gift for her mother. The included story cards game teaches children about community helpers, while enccouraging creativity and literacy skills.

Retail price: $62.94
Special Set Price: $56.99


1 x Boy Who Grew Flowers Paperback
1 x Girl with the Brave Heart Paperback
1 x Jet the Cat Paperback
1 x Run Little Chaski Paperback
1 x Gift for Amma Paperback
1 x Build a Story Cards: Community Helpers

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  • Age Range: Ages 4-9

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