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When we started Barefoot Books, being able to work from home, with the right balance between career and family, was very important to us. We feel strongly that with the right attitude and the right support, parenting and personal career satisfaction can be compatible experiences. This is what our Ambassador Program is all about: doing what you care about for the people you care about in whatever way works best for you.

As a Barefoot Books Ambassador, you’ll have the opportunity to share our beautiful books and gifts with your neighbors, friends and others in your community. You can work the schedule that’s right for you and live Barefoot the way that suits you best:

Start a home-based business

Earn an immediate profit of 30% on all purchases from the moment you sign up for the Ambassador program. And, with every personal order you place, you will receive an additional 15–20% in Free Gift Allowance.

Market Barefoot Books online

Promote our products through your provided Barefoot Books e-commerce website, as well as your own websites, blogs or social networks and earn 30%.

Create fundraising opportunities

Team up with local schools and charities to host or support fundraising events with your Barefoot Books business and extend your network of contacts.

Best of all, we supply all the resources, tools, and community support you need to be a success. Interested? It’s easy to join, so sign up now!

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