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Karin's Barefoot Story

In the spring of 2016, I became a single foster-adoptive mom to a beautiful 4 year old boy. Finding diverse books for my new biracial son became one of my favorite and most important pastimes! I wanted us to share books that not only included people who look like him, but also to expose him to kids of all different backgrounds and abilities. I saw a post in a moms’ group about Barefoot Books, and I was so excited I joined right away! 
I love selling Barefoot Books! It feels great to work for a women-owned company with a business model that supports women entrepreneurs. (Not that you have to be a woman to sell Barefoot!) 
My favorite activities include exhibiting at teacher conferences, organizing school book fairs/fundraisers, and participating in community events, plus I enjoy online marketing! I love selling beautifully-illustrated books from around the world with themes that are important to me, like empathy, diversity and inclusivity. Before Barefoot I worked in nonprofit management, marketing & sales, sponsorship & membership. Being a Barefoot Books Ambassador is not that different, but it’s a lot more fun!
After 9 months as an ambassador, I shot to the top of our sales team, ...
Please contact me to find out about sales and specials before you buy! Or ask me about book fairs or fundraisers for your organization. Or if you would like to host a party. Or if you are wondering what being a Barefoot Ambassador is all about. Whatever your questions, I am happy to help.  
(If you are a member of the MA Teachers’ Association, please send me your book list and your name, school, address, phone number and email. I will get back to you with your discounted pricing, pick up or delivery options, and to request payment.)   
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