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I first purchased Barefoot books for my children when they were very small, about nine months and eighteen months old, and fell in love. The art is captivating, the stories are well written and have excellent meter for reading. I wasn't the only one who fell in love, my children adore them too. Absolutley ADORE them. These books traveled with us to doctors, on journeys in the car with audio books talking and singing while they read along, and stopped many a meltdown even in crowded stores on long shopping trips. Fostering their love of reading, and working for a company that not only treats it's ambassadors well, but gives back to the community, and the world...We are a perfect fit, as these are values we embrace as a family too. We are very excited to represent this company and look forward to sharing their incredible stories, books, and games with you. Wether you want a business to be with your family more and earn a decent income, or are just stopping by to purchase some gifts or treasures your family will grow to love, I am so honored to assist you. Please look around and contact me with ...

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