Jennifer Carrel Picerno

Jennie's Barefoot Story

Never judge a book by its cover? That’s almost impossible for a child!

Barefoot Books works with wonderful artists to create visually stunning artworks that accompany the stimulating, engaging, diverse, and inclusive stories. It’s the beautiful artwork that gets the book chosen and the captivating story that keeps kids coming back.

I have such fond memories of my family’s Saturday morning trips to the library. We got our own library cards as soon as we could write our names.  During those library trips we would participate in story time, read on our own in the giant bean bags, and choose a set of books to check out and read over the next week. I grew up with a passion for reading and we are instilling that in our children too.

Shortly after my first son was born, just over 4 years ago, I was introduced to Barefoot Books. They quickly became some ...

 I was so smitten with our Barefoot Books at the time that I searched to find out more about the company.  It’s taken me four years of pondering to take the plunge and launch my Barefoot business. The opportunity to share these amazing books, and the company’s mission and manifesto with others is why I decided to join this amazing company to launch my own Barefoot Books business.

Will you join me in discovering what’s inside the cover?

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