Heather DiNino

Heather's Barefoot Story

Keep Calm and Go Barefoot

I have always loved bare feet in the warm sand - and now I have a new meaning to "Go Barefoot" I've fallen in love with Barefoot Books.  Deeply, madly, everyone needs to own Barefoot Books kind of love.

I have been a preschool teacher, nanny, and special educator in the past 12 years.  Now I'm a mom and a kids yoga teacher.  I could not do any of these jobs without books - I literally spend my days (and nights) reading books and designing lessons to go along with them (whether it be making math accessible to visual learners or teaching siblings how to deal with emotions)
I could not be more excited to begin selling Barefoot Books.  These books have beautiful, meaningful words which exemplify my belief system and love for life - all races, all abilities, all cultures, all encompassing.  In a world that has become divisive, cuddling with a child and reading a good book is something we can all agree on.

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