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Hi! Thanks for granting me the pleasure of helping you pick perfect stories for your little one. Barefoot offers books on a variety of topics. What made me decide to join the Barefoot team was their ability to fill my daughter's bookshelf with stories that helped me express some of the more difficult-to-explain experiences such as the books in the compassionate series. Once I saw how drawn in she was with each read, I knew this was something I could share in my area and really feel good about it. And the best thing is that they don't only have books. Many of their products get your child up and moving like The Animal Boogie with puzzle and the Yoga Pretzel Cards that pair well with the book.
Barefoot encourages children to embrace other cultures and backgrounds as well as the physical differences that make us all unique. Subjects range from dealing with emotions to kids with disabilities to different languages and more. Once you see these beautifully illustrated pages, you just can't resist!

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