Makenna Altomare

Makenna's Barefoot Story

Hi everyone! My name is Makenna Altomare. I am a substitute middle school teacher. Teaching and education have always been my passions, and I want to share that with the world! 

One day I was perusing the internet for a way to make a little extra cash. I am engaged, and I was looking for some extra income to pay for the wedding.

When I came across Barefoot Books, I was amazed. It became less about making money for me, and more about promoting these wonderful books and the mission that Barefoot is on.

I never realized how many children, and even adults, struggle with reading. About 14% of the American adult population does not know how to read. This is a sad fact that we need to work together to change for future generations. As a teacher,  I see students struggling daily to be at the reading levels of their peers, and it breaks my heart. The more we promote reading at a young age, the better our children will be at it.

Barefoot Books isn't just about promoting literacy, though. A good majority of these books promote inclusion and diversity. We ...