Natasha Tsevende

Natasha's Barefoot Story

Barefoot Books are beautiful and diverse. They are books that my children read over and over again - books that they can see themselves in. 

I fell in love with Barefoot Books when my oldest child was born - I bought a few books for her and was sold.  I loved the incredible illustrations, the lyrical text, and the quality of the books - built to last through small children!  

I am thrilled to be an Ambassador and bring this love of literacy (reading and writing - but also social, emotional, and cultural literacy) to you!  Whether it is through a Facebook party, or a community event - it is always so exciting to see people fall in love with Barefoot!  To know that your children will have beautiful, diverse, inclusive books that they can cherish for years is why I do it! 

Send me a message and share with me why you are interested in Barefoot Books! 

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