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Denise's Barefoot Story

Welcome to Barefoot! I'm so glad you are here. Let me tell you why I love Barefoot! 

I am 34 years old, and in light of the recent tensions in our nation, I find myself lacking words or strategies for what to do with my feelings, thoughts, and opinions.

I want to do better for my kids. I want them to know where they stand on issues of diversity and inclusion, to have words that allow them to lead their emotions and stand up for others and what they know is right. 

I believe it is my job as their parent to give them that. Barefoot’s mission includes that all children find themselves in the story- diversity and inclusion are cornerstones. 

My friend got me hooked on Barefoot through a deal on the Ambassador Starter Kit. Truth- I really just signed up for the discount. But the social-political climate in the US lit a fire in my heart to listen harder, learn more, and attempt to build bridges of understanding. 

On my Barefoot journey, I commit to learn, listen, and seek to understand people who are different than me- ...


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