Jessica Chan

Jessica's Barefoot Story

Welcome to Barefoot Books!  My name is Jessica Chan and I am a Barefoot Books Ambassador in the Toronto area.  As a teacher, I know the value in telling stories to my students.  Turn any lesson into some sort of story and they would learn the day’s concepts so easily! Encourage them to re-tell the same story to someone at home, and they remember it for a long time!

That is why I love Barefoot Books.  They share the world’s stories to our children using beautiful language, colourful pictures, and sustainable materials.  The books encourage curiousity and instill core values such as the importance of respecting the world’s diversity and ecological mindfulness. As a new mom to ...with her.   

If Barefoot Books are something you want to bring into your home or classroom, please feel free to contact me or click on the Start Shopping button on the lower left hand corner!