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Tanisha's Barefoot Story

Hello Everyone! My name is Tanisha Freeman.I'm a wife to a wonderful husband, and mother to two beautiful children. I'm was adopted when i was 11, and i am half black/white. I also have a little german/ swedish running in my family. I have a boy who is 3, a girl who is 2, and they are 11 months apart.   The mission statement: Share stories, Connect families, and Inspire children
What drew me to Barefoot Books was the fact that they focus on celebrating diversity, sparking curiousity, and capturing children's imaginations. That was mainly why i wanted  have my own daycare someday. I love seeing how i changed a little kids life by just caring, being there. The reason i became an ambassador was to have a second income for my family. I plan on living barefoot with my family more and more everyday! 
I can't wait to share these wonderful stories  with children all over!

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