Stacey Boivin

Stacey's Barefoot Story

Reading has always been special to me. As a child my parents read to me every day and were avid readers themselves. Growing up and as an adult I continue to be a strong reader and share my love of reading with my children. My daughter has struggled with reading and we work with her daily to build a strong foundation in reading. I was introduced to Barefoot Books by a dear friend, mom, former teacher and now Barefoot Ambassador. She made some fantastic recommendations and my kids LOVE these books! From the songs to the recorded books, these are the stories they ask to hear again and again. The statement “Once you learn to read, you will be forever free” by Frederick Douglass truly resonates with me because it describes the power reading has brought to my life. I teach this to my children and hope to share this with others as a Barefoot Books Ambassador. Settle in, pull up a chair and find a book to share with your children today.

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