Joanne Garces

Joanne's Barefoot Story

As a Filipino-American mom of two curious young kids, I am constantly seeking books featuring diverse characters.  Having been introduced to Barefoot Books at a neighborhood fundraising party, I was immediately moved and inspired by the Barefoot Books ambassor as she described how Barefoot Books shares stories from different cultures as well as teaches lessons in social emotional learning.

As a medical social worker in a Chicago area hospital, I encounter patients and families from various backgrounds and socio-economic levels.  My mission is to teach my children how to treat others with empathy and respect, no matter their background.  I am so grateful that Barefoot Books gives me this opportunity to share stories about families all over the world, all in an educational and fun way.

As your Ambassador, I can help spread the word about these wonderful stories and encourage others to enrich their childrens' home libraries with these wonderful books!

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