Jill Davidson

Jill's Barefoot Story

Hi my name is Jill and here is a little bit about me and my love for beautiful children's books. My love for books stems from my childhood experiences of being read to at a very early age. Books have given me the opportunity to use my imagination to create and learn new things over the years. 

As an Early Childhood Educator one of my most favorite things to do in the classroom is read to the children, both in a large group or individually. Watching their faces as the book takes them on a new journey or identifying a picture in a book are special moments for me, but most importantly for the children. Children should have access to quality books in their school and home.

I feel lucky to have had such positive experiences with books and now want to share my love of these books with you! Send me a message if I can be of any assistance as you browse our collection!

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