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Hello!  I am Jennifer Browning and I would like to welcome you to my Barefoot Books page!  This page is devoted to promoting bonding with children and literacy at the same time.  It is my belief that we can build long lasting relationships with our children through the stimulation of their imagination.  Of course, this can be fostered through reading to your children (no matter what the age).

The Barefoot Books line is a print that emphasizes cultural awareness and features characters of all different shapes, sizes and cultural differences.  Since our world is an ever changing, ever growing environment, so too must our literature be in order for it to reflect who “we” are. 

My husband and I are dedicated to the education of children.  He has been teaching English and Literature at the college level for over fifteen years and I have taught Human Services and learning strategies classes at the college level, as well.  We have tested the Barefoot Books with one of our most important “customers”…our son, Mason.  If we think they are good enough for our son, then we believe that they are good enough for you to ...

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