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Welcome to Marie's Barefoot Books! I have been a book lover since birth (or so it seems). Growing up in Tucson, Arizona, my brother and I had books, books and more books. I remember fondly our trips to the public library with my grandmother.

My first encounter with Barefoot Books was at the Mid-South Book Festival in 2014. It was love at first sentence. More importantly, my daughter (now 6 years old) loved them, too. After a year of being a frequent customer of Barefoot Books, I decided to become an Ambassador so I could share the books with other families.

As a Geography major and avid traveler, I love how the books bring the many faces and places and cultures around the world to your home. I also appreciate that there are so many strong female characters in the books and that the boys and girls help their families and communities. Oh, did I mention the illustrations? They are wonderful, too. Can you tell I am excited about Barefoot ...

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