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As a children's literature enthusiast of many years, quality books easily stand out. Stories well-crafted, rich in language and art, will nurture curiosity and inspire a child to read. Combine with multi-cultural themes, whimsical characters, moral substance, and you have Barefoot Books. “Animal Boogie”, was my first encounter with this amazing collection. What caught my eye were the inclusivity, playful lyrics, and images, which I enjoyed with my then toddler son!

I like to write and edit freelance, travel, hike, camp, read, garden, cook, and celebrate with family and friends. Having done some international travel, I've experienced many different cultures & lifestyles, firsthand. While traveling in these unfamiliar lands, I found a beautiful human tapestry, and learned the deepest humility and respect for cultures different than my own.

In these complex times, trust, open-mindedness, and respect are needed to promote goodwill and understanding between cultures. These bridges are essential – now more than ever. Thousands of new children's books are published annually, and rarely does one find such a large collection that fosters multicultural awareness. Building community and relationships continues to be a central theme in my life, and as an Independent Barefoot Books Ambassador, it ...

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