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Nicole's Barefoot Story

Hello! I am a stay at home mom and former teacher. I have three wonderful kids including two girls and a boy. My husband helps manage his family's local business. 
I have had a love for books starting from a very young age and continuing through adulthood. 
When I was introduced to Barefoot books, both the book lover and the educator in me were so excited it was a little nerdy. I picked up every book and started analyzing the multiple prospective lessons a child could gain from each book - out loud, to my friends. Then I started mentally lesson planning. As I said, I'm kind of a nerd, but each book has so many possibilities, I just knew right then that I wanted to share them with others. I have loved reading these books with my children, who often request and recite them. My daughter Norah's favorites include any of the Bear books, I Dreamt I Was A Dinosaur, Space Song Rocket Ride, and 20 Mice, But Where's The Cat. She has learned a lot of her vocabulary from Barefoot Books, and her pediatrician is very impressed with her advancement.
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