Lori's Barefoot Story

I stumbled across my first Barefoot Book in a local children's consignment shop, The White Rabbit.  My daughter and I share a love of dragons, so I am always looking for children's books about dragons. 

I caught sight of Herb, The Vegetarian Dragon displayed on a shelf.  The bold yet whimsical innocent style perfectly complimented the story of a peace-loving vegetarian dragon who stands up for what he believes in and stays true to his values, even in the stickiest of situations.

The story and art already had me hooked, but then I found Sir Paul McCartney quoted on the back cover.  My favorite Beatle!  Sir Paul  thinks Herb, The Vegetarian Dragon is "A magical read for all new thinkers young and old."  He says, " Herb's story tells the tale of the future." 

Sir Paul couldn't have been more right.  In fact, every single Barefoot Books story my daughter and I have read has been magical.  I love the way a Barefoot Books story sets your imagination on fire and brings you back to read again and again.

My favorite Barefoot Book, The Boy Who Grew Flowers, ...

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