Julia Nobel

Julia's Barefoot Story

I fell in love with Barefoot Books during my first year as a preschool teacher when I found "We All Go Traveling By" in our school library.  I knew I had to find more books from this publisher, and I was immediately captivated by their commitment to quality, creativity, diversity, and beauty.  My students love it when I bring out a Barefoot book, as they know it will be something special.

I am not a salesperson; I am a teacher.  I was drawn to Barefoot Books because they give me the opportunity to introduce children and families to books that captivate the imagination with engaging stories and beautiful artwork.  I sell Barefoot Books because I am passionate about literacy, imagination, and helping children develop a lifelong love of learning.  

I’d love to help you find the best books for your family or school, and I would LOVE to tell you how to get them for free! Want to find out how? I’m only an email away!