Elisabeth Strand

Elisabeth's Barefoot Story

Hi! I am so excited to share the amazing world of Barefoot Books with you. I have a passion for travel, reading, exploring and learning. I am also passionate about animal rights and often spend my time fostering dogs.

What I love most about being a Barefoot Books Ambassador is that it provides a positive haven for my family and I to turn when we want to focus on the beautiful things in the world. I love to explore different cultures and share them with my children while they are young. My goal is to continue to grow my Barefoot Books business so that I can take my children to all of the places we have learned about when they are old enough to do so.

I stumbled upon Barefoot Books when I was looking to host a home party. After scheduling my home party, I started browsing through the Barefoot Books web site and fell in love with the values of the company, as well as the products. I decided to turn my scheduled home party into my launch party, and the rest is history! I absolutely love what I do, love my Barefoot community, and my children have truly benefited from this endeavor. They are both passionate readers as a result, and ...

Contact me at any time to book your own Barefoot Books party, join our Ambassador community, or if you need some suggestions on finding the perfect gift. I can be contacted through this web site or e-mailed at: barefootbeth@yahoo.com

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