Jess Parks Turcotte

Jess's Barefoot Story

I come to Barefoot Books as a lifelong reader & lover of children's books. I'm passionate about promoting children's literacy & inspiring children to discover the joy of reading from birth.

The best way for parents to foster a love of literature in their children is to read to them, & with them, every day. As an extra bonus, reading time means quiet time & cuddle time. This special time to recharge & connect is so essential for both parent & child.

Barefoot Books drew me in with their expressive & imaginative stories, gorgeous illustrations, & commitment to celebrating diversity. I’m so excited to share these stories with all of you.

Building my Barefoot team:

If you're considering becoming an ambassador & looking for support in getting started, or if you're already an ambassador & looking for a team leader who's committed to helping you achieve your goals, please reach out. I am here to offer support, guidance, & resources every step of the way.  I look forward to getting to know you!

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