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My name is Nichole and I'm a new mom to a beautiful little 6 month old baby girl. I'm also an educator, having taught fourth and sixth grades for eleven years before becoming a full time mama. I know the power of a good book in a child's world. When I was little I used to hold "school" with my lined up stuffed animals and read them stories. In my classroom I was often guilty of "stealing" some Math time to finish our great book from that day's read-aloud. And now that I have my own little one to read to, my passion for books is on fire! I'm so happy I found Barefoot books. I want my daughter to grow up with Barefoot books on her shelves. I want her to travel the world through these books, to dream through these books, and to connect to others and her natural world through these books. I'm so excited to take this journey so I can help bring Barefoot books into more kids' hands!

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