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I am a full time working mother of a preschooler. I have a passion for literacy, multi-cultural issues and social justice. I am a social worker in my full time job and I find that many of the books that Barefoot has embrace those issues. I have seen the look in my daughter's eyes when she gets involved in a book and really connects with a story.  She does this all the time with Barefoot Books.  My journey also mirrors her journey through these books. 

I began by Barefoot Books journey when I encountered an ambassador at a Christmas Vendor Sale through my Mom's group and I began to explore the books more.  I became increasingly interested in the Ambassador community and decided to "bite the bullet" in 2014. One thing that I find partiuclarly enjoyable about Barefoot Books is that I am able to fit it into my schedule.  I work 60+ hours a week at my job and still have been able to find time to fit in Barefoot.  It is as flexible as you need it to be.  I have als found the ambassador community to be amazingly welcoming and supportive. 

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