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Connie's Barefoot Story

Being a mom of two young children and a former high school English teacher, I know the importance of cultivating a love of reading from a young age.  I fell in love with Barefoot Books the moment I purchased them for my kids and, more importantly, they fell in love with the books too!

My favorite aspect of Barefoot Books is the way they expose children to different cultures and give them an early respect for others' differences.  Our children live in a multicultural world and we need to have an understanding and familiarity with the cultures they will encounter.These books do just that and more.  There are multiple layers to the learning so the books grow with children and the illustrations bring the stories to life.  I know that you will appreciate the beautifully written stories that are paired with the captivating illustrations that make Barefoot Books so unique!

Barefoot Books not only allows me to share stories with my community and inspire children, it also provides me with an income and flexible schedule so that I can ...

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