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I grew up in rural Vermont, spent some time in Virginia where I met my husband, and then we moved (back for me) to Vermont. We have two amazing kiddos and a rescue greyhound. We love small town living, and we enjoy raising kids here where we can still play outside, run around in fields, jump in puddles, ride bikes on dirt roads, and otherwise have a glorious time. I used to teach high school English and have a love of the classics, especially British literature. I now run a childcare center serving 75 children ages six weeks to five years. We are a play-based, emergent curriculum center, and we understand the importance of literacy and healthy social development, as well as the need for children to be able to play and explore. I also have a small craft business on the side, which is really more of a hobby that almost pays for itself.  As an English major, I have an appreciation for stories that are well written and beautifully composed, and I was instantly drawn to Barefoot Books, falling in love with numerous titles before realizing they were part of the BfB library. The single biggest indicator ...

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