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Thank you for taking time to visit my profile and to view Barefoot Books!  I hope you take some time to also view my marketplace!

There are so many reasons why I choose Barefoot Books.  One was of course income potential.  I left my full-time career to be at home more with my son.  Barefoot Books allows flexibility in my schedule for my son and allows for me to pursue other interests all while earning an income to supplement our income.
I also became an ambassador because we LOVE books in our house.  No lie, a bookshelf was the first piece of furniture in my sons room!  My son has inherited the same love and passion for stories, so it felt natural to be apart of something that was close to our passions.
Another reason was the resources.  As a yoga instructor and environmental educator the resources are endless.  They not only compliment everything else I do in my life, but they help me spread my message!

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