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Welcome to my Marketplace - My Moose's Bookshelf, Barefoot Books. 

I LOVE books...I am a book fiend!  I was introduced to Barefoot Books a few years ago at the ECE Resource Centre where I worked at the time.  I loved them, they are some of the most beautiful children's books I have ever seen.  I thought they were great, loved the stories, the illustrations were beautiful, I enjoyed them.  Fast forward a few years and I discovered I could become a Barefoot Books Ambassador...I could operate my own business, and share these gorgeous books with other moms & educators.  Double bonus!
One of my earliest memories is of my mom reading to me every night before bed ... That memory is very special to me - that was our nightly routine, a constant as I grew up, one that   instilled in me, my love of reading.  As I grew older, I remember gauging the quality of the book by how big it was…the bigger the better.  I’m a bit more selective now.  I thank my mom for making the time to spend with me & sharing her love of books with me. I will ...

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