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Who am I? I am an ordinary mom (alias-Sweet Dreams Mom), along with my husband and children with a mission to Help, Encourage and Inspire others to be all that they are meant to be and do.  We do this through our own writings, art, music, awareness in special causes, networks, and friendships. Being a children's author myself and recognizing that Barefoot Books had similar missions, I couldn't pass on the incredible opportunity to affiliate and expand with this amazing company.  I love building my business and team. It's irresistible showing my community, network of friends, family, business associates, nationwide, the many ways we Dream, Pursue and Prosper from sharing Barefoot Books! An added perk is being a member of the extraordinary growing  Marketing Barefoot Team of Ambassadors with Laurie Mattaliano as my direct leader. I'd love for you to join us working together spreading Barefoot Books through community and private events, individual and facebook parties, fundraisers, bookfairs, social media and ...it's endless.   You can connect with me through email   SweetDreamsMom@bellsouth.netBecome a fan of my facebook page SweetDreamsMom where you'll get updates, reviews, schedule of events and more! Get to know more of me by visiting my Blog or follow me on Twitter@SweetDreamsMom.

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