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i love these books.  They are so full of beautiful art and very educational about many cultures.  I am a retired educator with a large family and I want to have these books in their homes and the homes of friends!!.  I as a child did not have the opportunity to visit a public library,  Our one room school did receive a box of books from the county superintendent's office via a parent about every 6 weeks,  The books had to span all grade levels 1 - 8th so there were very few appropriate books for anyone.  My motivation is two-fold:  I would like all children to have the opportunity to enjoy and I hope to use the books to fund-raise for charitable events or groups.
I have six children, 24 grandchildren, 2 great grandchildren. I am so fortunate to have had educational experiences with African-American, Native American, Vietnamese and Hmong children. I want to keep learning about other cultures via Barefoot Books.

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