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I am an Early Childhood Educator born and raised in beautiful Victoria, BC.  I am blessed with two amazing girls and have the best job ever- running a Family Daycare. I first came across Barefoot Books just as I was about to open my daycare. I was drawn to the fun and vibrant illustrations and since then, I have slowly added more books to my collection. All are huge hits with the children in my care and they especially love the Sinalongs and the stories with CD's, which we use at rest time.

As an Ambassador, my goal is to to share stories, connect families and inspire children. I have seen first hand how Barefoot Books can inspire children to be creative and I love how the stories lead to other extensions, such as crafts or imaginative play, and even Birthday parties! Most importantly, Barefoot Books has a beautiful way of celebrating diversity and I love that my children are being exposed to other cultures and learning to respect our amazing planet and all the beautiful people on it!

I enjoy getting out into the community with my Barefoot Books business at various events, such as ...

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