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Kelly's Barefoot Story

How much do I love Barefoot Books?  It’s truly been one of the best decisions of my life.  That may sound a little dramatic dramatic, but it's really true!  It all started when my grand-twins were born at 29 weeks.  I knew reading would be important for their development. So one day, I Googled “books for infants” and came across Clare Beaton's Nursery Rhymes at the Barefoot Books website.  I instantly fell in love with the products and the company.  I knew this was an incredible opportunity!

My grand-twins are now 4 doing great!  Books are as precious to them as their toys, and they love getting new ones.  I’m so grateful for this because I sincerely believe that reading opens the world to our children, and it's a privilege to be able to encourage that through this wonderful company!

I'm here to answer your questions or visit over coffee (or wine!).  I can help you find just the right gifts, or maybe you're looking to host an event – a fundraiser, book fair, workshop, story time, or home party – let’s explore the possibilities!  If you are looking to build ...

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