Debby's Barefoot Story

Yvonne and I are so proud to announce the launch of our business venture.
It has been our dream to do what we love and be financially rewarded while balancing this with raising a young family. When we discovered how we can promote Barefoot Books and Gifts while the kids are in school, we jumped at the opportunity.

Barefoot Books is a publisher of award-winning books, dedicated to bringing high-quality art and story to children 0-12 years of age. The stories are well-crafted, beautifully illustrated and exquisitely put together, aiming to introduce our children to cultural diversity, the importance of green living as well as celebrating the art of storytelling and music. A carefully selected line of puzzles, games, puppets, singalong songs and story CDs compliment our books.
We can assist you in finding the perfect gift for the special children in your lives, as well as provide you with fund-raising ideas in your children's school and in your community.

Please take your time to browse through our website and catalog and share them with your family and friends. We hope you and your children will enjoy Barefoot Books and Gifts ...

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