Marsha's Barefoot Story

     My name is Marsha Miles. I became an independent seller of Barefoot Books in 2007. I am a former kindergarten teacher and I have taught preschool for eleven years. I also worked as a reading teaching assistant in a local elementary school.  Now I am doing my Barefoot Books business full time.
     My first introduction to Barefoot Books was when my preschool director handed me The Animal Boogie. The Animal Boogie is a bright, colorful book , which includes a music cd, sung by children's singer, Fred Penner.   After our initial introduction to this wonderful book, the children and I read, sang, and danced to Animal Boogie every day of that school year. We never tired of our favorite book.  I eagerly went to Barefoot Books' website to buy more books. There I discovered I could actually start a business selling these amazing books. This was something I always wanted to do, but until then had I never found the right company. Barefoot Books is the right company!  I love how our books celebrate art and story, encourage creativity and imagination, and value cultural diversity and the environment.  ...

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