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Join my team if Sharing Stories, Connecting Families, Inspiring Children excite you!  I would love to help you grow your business, whether it is through parties, fundraisers, or events.  Also, having a presence on social media is important to me and I would love to help you with that, too.

I first found Barefoot Books when I was looking for Spanish-English bilingual books that would immediately appeal to my young elementary students in my Spanish class.  I was thrilled to find out that the bright colors, the simplicity of the words, and the humor captivated them.  Now, I can’t wait to start teaching them the songs!  I love Barefoot Books and their other products because they entertain and teach about other cultures at the same time

Many of my friends are grandparents so I can’t wait to share Barefoot Books with them.  There are books that reflect all my passions.  Besides my primary one of teaching about different cultures, and foreign languages, I also love yoga, world music, and dance, and then there is gardening!  I know you and your family will love ...

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