Sariah's Barefoot Story

My Barefoot Books journey began when I came across the Barefoot Books website and was facinated with the beautifully crafted children books and toys. My interest grew when I found out that they have a complete collection of stories from all over the world. Having lived in New Zealand, Singapore and Australia and being exposed to a diverse range of cultures, I totally related to the Barefoot Books vision and values.

With the assistance from the Barefoot Books team, I decided to take the next step and am now officially a New Zealand-based Barefoot Books Ambassador! I am very excited to introduce Barefoot Books to you and starting the Barefoot movement in New Zealand.

If you are in New Zealand or Australia and would like to buy Barefoot Books or take the Barefoot journey, visit my website at Alternatively, you can also drop me an email at and I would love to help you out.

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