Rebecca Agli

Becca's Barefoot Story

When I was first introduced to Barefoot Books, I thought the books were beautiful and liked their general message, but didn’t look closer at the time. It wasn’t until a friend of mine became an Ambassador that I did look closer, and found a clear focus on diversity, child empowerment, and imagination, in addition to the beautiful illustrations that first caught my eye.

Books like these are important resources, especially now, to help children and adults learn how to celebrate each other’s differences, while also seeing our similarities. I love that Barefoot strives to ensure each child can see themselves represented in these books, which means that any child can see ALL people represented. Encouraging imagination is critical as well; for how can we create a better world without first imagining it?

Since I became an Ambassador, I have continued to be impressed with Barefoot Books. I look forward to sharing them with you!

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